Why GoWild

Do you want to eat good food? Food that not only tastes good but does good too? Do you want food that nourishes your body, strengthens communities, and restores lands and waters? That’s what GoWild is all about. 

GoWild because you deserve better and our planet does too!

By converting marginalized lands and waters overrun with destructive species into the farms of the future, GoWild is creating delicious, healthy snacks that are some of the most environmentally friendly food products on the planet.

Invasives like kudzu are “grown” without one ounce of water, energy, fertilizer, pesticides, or chemicals, meaning they don’t deplete our diminishing water supply or pollute our environment. In a world with declining wild fish populations, invasive fish like silver carp are the most sustainable and safe fish to eat. Not to mention that removing these species helps restore degraded ecosystems.

Many of the invasives GoWild uses are jam-packed with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that their cultivated cousins could only dream of - especially when you consider that conventional food has 30-50% less nutrients than it did 50 years ago! And some invasives like kudzu have been traditionally used for centuries to treat health issues like heart disorders and to lower blood sugar.  

Empower Your Eating! GoWild!